Thursday, September 04, 2014

What are the benefits of folic acid?

Scientists, pregnant women births and low intake of folic acid to prevent their injury, found that there was more useful than known.

From 1998 onwards in the United States by a law reintroducing to the bakery of folic düzenlenmiştiAmerika folic acid a in research all played an important role in people's health, causing deficiency diseases reported. Folic acid deficiency spurred arteriosclerosis of vurgulandıSadece in pregnant, not all humans are causing discomfort in the form of folic acid deficiency indicates that researchers typically intermediate and advanced stages of people's folic acid consumed quickly noted. Located in the journal the Journal of Nutrition Research report, lack of folic acid, which increases the density of the plasma homosistin, it also spurred arteriosclerosis was specified. Until now many research, intake of folic acid and other B vitamins in the blood homosistin reduce the rate of stroke, heart attack, and was preventing arteriosclerosis. Folic acid is less than moderate rates of genius, memory loss, which increases the risk of cancer, caused by the elderly reduces the ability of remembering and understanding were recorded. Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate compounds referring to experts, as a sign of a lack of folic acid, headaches, forgetfulness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss, weakness, heart palpitations, nervousness and they show his pity for the language.


Folic acid, grains, spinach, radishes, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, broccoli, beans, black lentils, orange juice and liver where known. Experts say expectant mothers receive 400 milligrams of folic acid a day, suggests. In the United States since January of 1998, the intake of folic acid by a law reintroducing to the bakery products was held. Since 1998 in the United States, the apparent reduction in low birth injury and referring specialists believe that, besides the whole community benefited from folic acid flour products said.

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Vitamin C prevents asthma

High doses of vitamin C taken only and depends on the emergence of an asthma attack of exercise on a preventative effect.

Study found ages ranging from 7 to 28 20 asthma patients to be taken before exercise on a 2 g of vitamin C to the front of the occurrence of an attack of asthma the exercise concluded in a connected. Research results, depending on the exercise, vitamin C is non-slip, indicate that the asthma attacks. The researchers also recalling the results of the studies made, the old, the average levels of vitamin C in patients with asthma in healthy individuals was significantly less than that attracts attention.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quitting Smoking Is Possible

Research smokers 90 % of quitting smoking business-tediklerini but they could not do that. After waking up smokers, ill smokers, smoking away from those who stand in the morning, the more smokers serious addiction, and that there are people who find it difficult to stop smoking. Ex-smokers and 70 %in the first month and again begin to use. Those who quit smoking in less than one-quarter, the first attempt, it has succeeded. Stop smoking permanently, most of the leavers to achieve this 3-4 times before leaving in an attempt to re-started. The good news is that quitting smoking is trying to leave the end of all things. degildir.neden failed exposition is taking the course try and try again until it succeeds. Research that is good news, smokers in America, approximately 45 %of the cigarettes at the end of the birakabilmesidir. That is to say the most iiyisi, not to begin smoking. If you have begun to be able to leave, but must not stay late.

Get Professional Help:

Smoking cessation programs in the most common methods used nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine gum, nicotine patches)Bupropion, psychotherapy, hypnosis and acupuncture. Nicotine gum and the bands attached to the skin, especially in the number of smokers in quitting their serious withdrawal symptoms benefit to soothe. Nicorette 2 mg only $66 from

Ways To Quit:

  • Brand you find distasteful switch to a brand.
  • You want to target 2 weeks of leave during the day before, the tar and nicotine content, low switch to a brand. This will help change your smoking behavior olacakur. However, more and more smoke, more often or more of your deep pull on your finger through the holes in the filters. do not close it. All of them receive the nicotine miktanni increases; however, the purpose of your body and slowly nikotinsizlige to prepare.
  • Each only half of a cigarette.
  • Your first cigarette each day to burn a one-hour delay.
  • Of the day, only a single or couple of hours of drinking the decision.
  • Previously, on that day, how many cigarettes drinks decide. This number at the top of each cigarette to a place you want to donate money.
  • Your eating habits will also help to reduce smoking will change. For example, milk (for most anyone milk incompatible with smoking! the thinker).
  • Your meals, many people consider incompatible with smoking.
  • "Collect your head," when you want a glass of fruit juice instead of a cigarette.
  • Please note that smoking reduce helps you to leave, but it is not a substitute. Down to about seven cigarettes a day, you determine the cut off date, and stay connected to him, the time has come.
  • "Automatically" don't Smoking
  • When you really want to. Just because habits due to smoking when you try to burn, capture yourself.
  • Ash-tray in your container. Of this, every day, how many cigarettes to remind you of your, butts, and the image of kokular. will not be pleasant.
  • you drink all of a cigarette. By using the opposite hand, cigarette in your pocket or in a different each time, put your other places, automatically putting capacitance-to-rail reach your behavior, in the countryside.
  • Many times throughout the day, without ever thinking you are a smoker, every time, while lighting a cigarette and tried to look in the mirror. It can decide whether you wish.

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